Why the Wolves?

Soccer continues to grow in popularity Stateside, not only in participation but also in viewing figures. With favorable morning kick-off times, in-depth coverage of the Premier League across the NBC network, and also games from the Championship via ESPN, teams from England are regularly in the spotlight.

If you are from here then you may have already picked up the bug. And if you are looking to jump on board and firmly root for a team then the Wolves could be just for you. Here is why.


Our trophy cabinets may not be full of recent silverware compared to the likes of the two Manchester teams or Chelsea. But they once were. We have history. A proud heritage. We were one of the original founders of the Football League when organized competition first began. We went on to enjoy periods of dominance in the English game. This even extended into Europe, as the Wolves became pioneers when it came to taking on and conquering the biggest and best from the neighboring countries.


We are firmly on the way up. The takeover of the club by Chinese conglomerate Fosun International in the summer of 2016 has ushered in an unheralded turnaround in our fortunes. Galvanized by one of the most popular coaches in decades, checks for player signings to rival even the biggest spenders in the Premier League, and a cohesive team playing with style and flair, the Wolves are no longer in the doldrums and people have started to take note.


Our watch parties are a collection of supporters from a cross-section of ages who are able to share stories and experiences from witnessing the club’s success in person. We have members of the group who make an annual pilgrimage back to England every year to take in a few of the games during the season. We are genuine, down to earth people, with a huge passion for this team from the Black Country and this firmly comes across in our company.


The barriers to closely following a team even though you live in another country have been broken down due to the age of communication that we live in. Along with all of the official channels, the Wolves have some active independent  online forums, blogs, and podcasts that aids interaction among fans and helps maintain close ties.

So check them out. And come along and join us to watch a game together. You could be jumping on board and getting the Old Gold & Black running through your veins at just the right time!

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